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I Occupied Wall Street

I learned a lot.

If Websites Had A Smell, This One Is So Close It’s Possible You Could Smell It & It Probably Smells OK

If you guys are anywhere near as excited as I am about this website, you’ll want to postpone Christmas in order to have a suitable calming down period.

This website may not change the world – but it may just change the world.

Here’s a very talented woman:

I hope I can bring all those talents to my website. I will certainly be bringing photographs of socks.


I am going to a party (yes, I am very popular, I was invited to one party BUT I also had the option of going on the Circle line and watching Blair Witch on my laptop by myself – spooooooky).

The theme of the party is “dystopia”. I thought about going as this whole government, AM I RIGHT GUYS? GUYS? Guys?

My first idea after that incredibly searing satirical zinger was to go as a handmaid, from the Handmaid’s Tale but I think people would just think I was Red Riding Hood and I will NOT tolerate that, not under any circumstances. That bitch can suck my balls. Then, sticking with Atwood, I thought about going as a Craker from Oryx & Crake – but I’m not sure I’ve got the confidence to go to a party nude with blue glowing genitals. Also – I hate being cold.

So, what can I go as, guys? A pigoon? Winston from 1984? The woman with the massive willy sculpture in A Clockwork Orange? A fireman from Fahrenheit 451?

Should I stop reading dystopian fiction and lighten up a little?


The Excitement Builds Like Wind After A Dominos

The website, omg guys, the website, the website is definitely going to happen. This isn’t a Dadaist thing where I spend a lot of time working you up into a frenzy about a website that will never happen. That is not what is happening here. Even though I would quite like that.

In fact, one of my favourite ever experiences felt like we were being taken for idiots in a Dadaist act. I was on holiday with my boyfriend (yeah, sorry guys, I have a boyfriend, so please – only extremely discreet offers) in Turkey. We went on a boat trip. It was all bordering the ridiculous. They played loud Europop and there was a man who looked so spookily like a mash up of Richard Madeley & Richard Herring that we bought the DVD of all the photos taken by the guy who harrassed everyone on the boat taking photos of them so we would have a memento of Richard Herring Madeley (he was German).

One part of the boat trip involved going to see ‘where all the fish are’ and the fish were supposedly made of phosphorus or something – they were supposed to glow OR SOMETHING. They handed us all stale bread in carrier bags & told us to throw it in the sea for the fish.

THERE WASN’T A SINGLE FISH. A group of people just tossed bread into the ocean to a soundtrack of Tatu for no discernible reason. That was my favourite bit of the whole holiday.

BUT THAT ISN’T HAPPENING HERE, GUYS. Chill off, don’t worry.

The website is on its way – I just need you to throw some bread in the internet.

I Told You It Wouldn’t Last

Well, this is a placeholder blog, see. So I’ve effectively removed any pressure to make it frequent and/or good.

I’ve been doing a little bit of work this week filming a pilot puppet show. It’s physically very demanding work, but I am strong like the wind so it’s no problem for me.

It’s a lot of fun doing something that is similar to what I often do (doing voices, showing off, lying on the floor wearing a sock on my arm) but is also quite different (watching in a monitor, lying on the floor with 4 other people, not offending anyone). Conclusion: I LIKE IT.

Hopefully it’ll get a series and you can all see it and enjoy my souped-up arm action.

I bet you’re all pretty excited about the website, right? Well, let’s just say it’s coming along nicely and Hilary Swank may be there at the launch party (she says I have to pay her loads and have a massively dubious record on human rights*) But hopefully, if I just get an Iceland party platter in, she’ll see I’m being deadly serious about this.

*if you don’t know what this is about, here is an explanation but it will not seem funny by this point as you will have to have researched the joke FAR TOO MUCH.

The Honeymoon Period

3 posts on the opening day?

This won’t last.

Here’s a photo of one of my favourite breakfasts.

A lot of delicious for only £5


I don’t really think I’m going to be the World’s Next Top Model.









(I do)

Nadia Kamil Arrives (again).

Here I am. For a bit. I’m trying to sort out a proper website. But I guess this will do for now.

No offence, WordPress. Your free blogs are mint. MINT.

My name is Nadia Kamil. My middle name is unpronounceable, mostly because it doesn’t exist.

I am a writer, actor, comedian, sock maker, baker, tinker & sometimes tailor. Definitely not a spy. Definitely not. No way. “But that’s what a spy would say, isn’t it, Nadia?” What?! No way. Look over there!

Here’s a bunch of things about me

And I waft on about many things here on Twitter.

Here’s a photo of me for your enjoyment taken in Kamakura, Japan.

He's the largest outdoor buddha in the world. I am the world's largest Welsh-Iraqi called Nadia Kamil.




I find it nigh-on impossible to do a ‘nice’ face when someone takes a photo of me. I’m not going to let that (or the fact I’m 5’5″ & normal shaped) stop me from being the World’s Next Top Model.