Here I am. For a bit. I’m trying to sort out a proper website. But I guess this will do for now.

No offence, WordPress. Your free blogs are mint. MINT.

My name is Nadia Kamil. My middle name is unpronounceable, mostly because it doesn’t exist.

I am a writer, actor, comedian, sock maker, baker, tinker & sometimes tailor. Definitely not a spy. Definitely not. No way. “But that’s what a spy would say, isn’t it, Nadia?” What?! No way. Look over there!

Here’s a bunch of things about me

And I waft on about many things here on Twitter.

Here’s a photo of me for your enjoyment taken in Kamakura, Japan.

He's the largest outdoor buddha in the world. I am the world's largest Welsh-Iraqi called Nadia Kamil.




I find it nigh-on impossible to do a ‘nice’ face when someone takes a photo of me. I’m not going to let that (or the fact I’m 5’5″ & normal shaped) stop me from being the World’s Next Top Model.

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