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My Greatest Frenemies

1. The snooze button

2. American Apparel

3. Having a vagina.

2012 Brings The End

The end of the internet being BORING, that is!

I am going to officially launch my website on NEW YEAR’S DAY TWO THOUSAND AND TWELVE.

I’m talking 1.1.12

That’s right, guys.

This hero has been beavering away in the NKamil Website Workshop (it’s spookily similar to the Build-a-Bear Workshop) since the dawn of dial-up, and it’s almost ready to be revealed to you plebs.

Can you handle it? Of course you can, it’s just a website, and you are an extraordinarily capable individual.


Hold on to your brand new Christmas pants (of which I didn’t get any – thanks for nothing, Gran). This stuff’s about to get real.

The Worst Things That Have Happened in The Developed World

1. The ‘skits’ on Strictly 2011

2. French manicure style pedicures

3. “Girls Night In” pink wine & chocolate gift sets from supermarkets


Travel During the Festive Period

My good friend Unicorn has made another video with some advice for you all. This time about travel and holidays. I urge you to watch it and take heed.




Oh, crumbs. I haven’t updated the old blogeroo in a while.

I don’t have time to do it now.

I might do one on the train tomorrow.

And a blog (arf).