Radio LaLa

Just before Christmas, on the day that snow was forecast for much of the UK, myself and my marvellous chum Sarah Bennetto

Us in a cafe, we're always in bloody cafes

co-hosted a radio show at midnight after having been drinking since 1pm that day.

When I realised the show would be available to listen to online forever, I was engulfed by fear. I thought it would be ATROCIOUS. I couldn’t really remember being at all coherent. I remembered a point when we left about 10 seconds of dead air because we hadn’t realised a button hadn’t been pressed. I only recall it being a very fun shambles. I was sure there was no way that it would sound good or entertaining to a sober ear.

Well, I listened to it with great trepidation and it turns out we were bloody brilliant. I might get drunk before every engagement in future. There are a bunch of marvellous songs and two women hosting a radio show with a great deal of joy and a small deal of abandon.


Listen to it here, it passes a lovely brace of hours, especially if the weather is cold.

Also, if you run a radio station – we would love to host a show for you. Please get in touch. And we promise* not to get drunk.


*unless it’s a special occasion, right? like a royal wedding or Topless Tuesdays.



Comments on: "Radio LaLa" (1)

  1. You two are awesome. And I don’t just say that because I am @SarahBennetto. I would say that *even if I wasn’t* @SarahBennetto.

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