Mix Tape

Following the globally recognised hit that was the Snow Songs Mix Tape show with myself and the perpetually Australian Sarah Bennetto, I stepped into the studio to co-host another late night batch of reverie around the theme of Flying Songs.


Listen to it here, my friends. It’s another (nearly) two hours of two women playing songs and saying stupid things. I am mildly offensive about Australians. Sarah says in a sexy voice that she bets my nana “crochets”. Those are just two things that happen.

That’s  us in the studio*. Just rocking the hell out. –>






*this is an image that came up when I google image searched ‘women radio’. What are you saying, google images? That the representation of women on Radio4’s flagship show the Today programme is appalling and archaic? Thought so, google images. You and me are like *that* <google image search fingers crossed>


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